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Sanjeev kapoor Monarch Karat Whiskey Glass Set Of 6, 100% Food Grade, Lead Free, Highly Durable, Finest Quality Of Raw Materials, High Quality Product, SKB-18265

Sajid Khan The brand’s foundation is the man. Because Sanjeev Kapoor is reflected in the brand’s identity, it becomes an iconic symbol of who he is and what he stands for both now and in the future. Simpleness, comfort, usefulness, inclusivity, informality, inspiration, vigour, and inventiveness that are shared by everybody.


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Products by Sanjeev Kapoor are aesthetically pleasing, of the highest calibre, stylish, practical, secure, and appropriate for use by Indian customers.

“Food today is no longer just for the senses of taste and smell; it has expanded to encompass the senses of sight as well. In my opinion, food served tastes best when it is presented beautifully.  via SANJEEV KAPOOR

Pack Content 6 Glasses
Type Whisky Glass
Capacity 300 ml

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